Lusito Portuguese Association for the Challenged.
The Lusito Land festival is an important part of the Lusito Association as it is the primary fundraiser for the organization. 100% of all funds raised from the Lusito Land Festival go directly to the maintenance and building of the Lusito School for the Challenged.

The Lusito Association was established in 1979 by a group of Portuguese parents who found a need for a school for the differently abled within the Portuguese community. The Lusito Association started the first Lusito School under the auspices of the Mental Health Society of the Witwatersrand and has subsequently grown with the school.

The Association is comprised of an Executive Committee and an Administrative Committee who are committed to improving the lives of the differently abled.

Mission: To support the Lusito School in equipping each learner as best possible for their passage through life.

The Lusito School
The Lusito School, located in the south of Johannesburg, started of as a small day care centre and has developed into a fully-fledged school for the differently abled. Today, the school has more than 60 learners who come from South Africa and other parts of Africa. This school no longer offers a vital service solely to the Portuguese community but support differently abled people from all cultures and backgrounds.

The parents of the learners are offered invaluable support. They are kept up-to-date with their children’s progress and the educators are available for consultation and guidance. Presently the school cares for individuals with Cerebral Palsy, learning disabilities, traumatic brain injury, Down’s Syndrome and other syndromes.

The school has now been divided into two sections, the stimulation centre and the workshop.

How you can help
For more information, please visit the Lusito Association website at